Local Development Regulations

Regulations associated with development at a local level can be found at:  zionsville-in.gov/planning

For sake of convenience, the Town’s Zoning Ordinance (by Article) can be found at the following links:

Article 1-General Provisions

Article 2-Residential Districts

Article 2-Commercial Districts

Article 2-Industrial Districts

Article 2-Special Uses

Article 2-Flood Zone

Article 2-Overlays & Airport

Article 2-Rural Use Table

Article 3-Accessory Uses and Parking Requirements

Article 3-Landscaping & Buffering

Article 4-Development Plans

Article 5-Planned Unit Developments

Article 6-Signs

Article 7-Districts & Maps

Article 8-Administrative & Decision Making Bodies

Article 9-Development Review Process (and Fee Schedule)

Article 10-Enforcement

Article 11-Definitions

Article 12-Severability






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